See Why 150+ Minneapolis Officers Filed PTSD Claims – It’s Not What You Think

If the liberal lunatics of the left don’t want the police force, the Minneapolis Police Department is about to give them their wish. Or at least 150 officers are.

According to the Washington Post, over 150 current police officers have recently filed for disability benefits so they can permanently leave the job.

Most say they have PTSD due to the constant stress of the job. However, as their lawyer says, this has only been made worse since the wrongful death of George Floyd in late May.

“Among Meuser’s (the officers’ lawyer) clients are officers who were inside the city’s 3rd Precinct police station, which was abandoned and subsequently burned during the May protests here. At least 13 officers were inside the building at the time, Meuser said, and some wrote what they thought were final texts to family members and loved ones fearing they would be killed. Ordered to stand down to protesters, some of the officers had fearfully counted their ammunition to make sure they would have a bullet for themselves to avoid being beaten to death, he said.”

And if that wasn’t traumatic enough, the violence and chaos in the city since then have only escalated as riots, protests, and looting have been allowed to continue en masse.

According to the Washington Post, “More than 240 people have been shot, 13 fatally, since May 25, according to police. On Thursday, nine people were shot and one was killed in a span of six hours. One of the wounded was a pregnant woman. More than 1,500 instances of gunfire have been reported across the city, nearly double the number during the same period a year ago, according to police data citing 911 calls and ShotSpotter technology. Police scanner traffic has been jammed with reports of other violent incidents, including robberies and carjackings.”

And yet, the police are still being called to be “defunded” and “disbanded.” Or, as Minneapolis’s City Council calls it, “reimagined.”

But in reality, the City Council has all but denounced the police department and its officers as the scum of the earth, all while expecting them to continue protecting those who ridicule them and plot their demise. Police while walking on eggs shells, to say the least.

And many are calling it quits.

“While law enforcement is a high-stress career, the last two months in Minneapolis have pushed many officers to their breaking point,” their lawyer told the Washington Post.

As the Post pointed out, these 150+ officers leaving the job make up 20 percent of the entire city’s police force of roughly 800 officers, which is a staggering number in comparison to years past.

And KTLA agrees.

“Doug Anderson, executive director for PERA (Public Employment Retirement Association), said 150 officers seeking duty disability from one department would be high. PERA approved 105 disability applications from both police and firefighters statewide in all of 2019, including 60 claims for duty-related PTSD and 20 for other work-related injuries.”

The outlet noted that PERA allows officers to essentially retire early, receiving significant benefits until age 55, when their actual retirement benefits “kick in.”

Now, to be clear, just because 150 or more applied for this doesn’t necessarily mean that all will be approved. Two doctors have to sign off on such a diagnosis and submit the proper documentation.

However, given the extreme stress in Minneapolis as of late, I’d say they definitely have a fighting chance.

And Meuser strongly believes the amount of those leaving the job will only increase in the days ahead if the number in “inquiries” his office has received on the subject is any indication.

But can you blame them?

Here, we have officers who have sworn to protect and serve and who have faithfully done so year after year, some for decades. And yet the city’s officials and the hypocritical left don’t have so much as a thank you for that service. Instead, they want to pick and nag at every little thing these officers do, forming them into whatever image is “woke” enough.

Why in God’s name would anyone want to serve a people who no longer respect, want, or even appreciate all they have done? I’d be looking for another line of work or early retirement too.

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