Sen. Susan Collins Defies Polls, Wins Reelection

Senator Susan Collins, who was in for the fight of her political life in Maine, has won reelection. Moments ago she revealed in a news conference that her challenger, Sara Gideon, had called her to concede.

“I just received a very gracious call from Sara Gideon conceding the race. I want to publicly thank Sara for her call. We had a good talk,” Collins said.

Collins was another vulnerable Republican that Democrats saw a chance to unseat, particularly after her vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018. According to Business Insider, Gideon raised “an eye-popping sum of $69.5 million, spent $48.8 million, and has $20.6 million in cash on hand.” Collins only raised “$24.1 million, spent $22.3 million, and had $4.4 million in cash on hand by the end of 2020’s third quarter on September 30.”

Her victory was also yet another indictment of the polling industry, as she never had a lead in any poll.

Collins’s victory narrows the Democrats’ path to controlling the Senate considerably.

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