Stacey Abrams Remarks About Her Trouble With Kids and Masks

President of Earth Gov. Former Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams, now on her second attempt to ruin the Peach State, loves a good photo op as much as the next politician, and she had a tailor-made opportunity for one at an event earlier this week.

Abrams wanted to have a picture taken with a teen or pre-teen boy who was wearing a mask. A video on Twitter captured Abrams asking the boy if he could remove the mask (and confirming her request with the kid’s mom, who is out of the frame of the video), but the moment dredged up a controversial memory for the once and future gubernatorial loser.

She asks the kid, “Do you mind taking your mask off for a second?” She then clarifies, “Mom’s okay?”

Abrams follows up the questions with the remark, “I’ve had a little bit of trouble taking [unintelligible] kids with masks on,” and then she follows the serious, unironic statement with an awkward laugh.

To say she’s had some trouble with kids and masks is an understatement. Don’t forget that back in February, Abrams appeared at Glenwood Elementary School in Decatur, Ga., where she read a book to kids for Black History Month and naturally turned the event into a photo op. Decatur Schools had a mask mandate in place at the time, yet Abrams took her mask off for a pic with the kids, in which she flashed an “I hate kids” smile.


At the time, my PJ Media colleague Matt Margolis pointed out that “Abrams proved herself to be a garden variety Democrat who believes that rules are for everyone else but her.” Her campaign later pinned the blame for the controversy on racism, naturally.

The brouhaha over the Grievance Queen‘s maskless photo died down quickly. Local media mentioned it briefly, and conservative media gave the event a little more coverage, but because she’s the Democrats’ darling and the left’s center of attention, she got away with it.


The left will let her get away with making a kid remove his mask for her photo op too, unlike Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who got wall-to-wall coverage for asking a group of teens to remove their masks for a photo with him.

My PJ Media colleague Megan Fox wrote at the time, “Cut to the breathless reporting of leftist news anchors decrying DeSantis’s gall of telling kids what to do and the mother of one of the students who now says he felt ‘pressured’ to take the mask off his face because the ‘authority figure’ told him to.”

The press made a mountain out of a molehill with the incident. One Twitter user pointed out in a response to the Abrams video that DeSantis’ request for the students to take their masks off dominated news coverage for nearly a week.

The mainstream media will sweep the Abrams video under the rug because she belongs to the right party and she’s of the right ideological framework, unlike DeSantis, who doesn’t fall for the left’s games and doesn’t care whom he angers.

Stacey Abrams doesn’t care about kids and masks. What matters to her more than anything else is building her brand, whether it’s to run for governor of the state she loathes but wants to be in charge of, to make more money off her grievances, or to aim for an even higher office in the future. She won’t let anything or anyone stand in her way, and the left-loving media will allow her to get away with it every time.

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