Surgeon Jeffrey Singer On Hospitals, Schools, And Leadership Under The Virus


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, general surgeon and Senior Fellow at Cato Institute Jeffrey Singer joins host Ben Domenech to discuss how hospitals, schools, and American leaders are calculating risk in their response to the Wuhan virus.

Singer’s hospital delayed all elective procedures due to COVID-19, which includes any surgery for which the patient can choose the date. Singer argued that the system of power, in which the governor can dictate when the economy can reopen, has created imbalanced incentives. The person in charge will always be more cautious than they need to be to avoid criticism later on, which Singer said can hurt people.

“What’s not seen by delaying the opening up is all the people who aren’t getting necessary elective procedures for example or the people who are foregoing cardiac catheterization, which is an elective procedure that could detect a heart problem that may be a ticking time bomb that’s not getting done, for example.”

Listen Here:

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