The Morning Briefing: Biden’s Creepy Mask Fetish Is Not a Real Plan to Manage COVID

Joe Biden, Masked Pretender

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Oh, to be a gentleman alpaca rancher.

I’m still having days where I wake up, see something about “President Biden,” then think, “All right, I’m not really awake yet. It’s a bad dream that’s just lasting longer than most. I then search for a cliff I can walk off to help facilitate the waking up but, alas, none is ever found.

Other than that, I’m all right.

I keep replaying a lot of that freak show of a presidential campaign from last year over and over in my head, remembering the incessant drumbeat of trite, canned lines from Biden about how he was going to be the caped crusader who finally took on the COVID-19 pandemic head-on and saved America.

I knew it was all crap while it was happening, and I certainly have had nothing but low expectations for the drooling moron that seventeen hundred kabillionty jillion people voted for, but Ol’ Gropes has been even more useless than I imagined he’d be.

I wouldn’t be revisiting this so much if his pandemic pitch hadn’t been such an integral part of getting him into office.

Thus far, Biden’s SUPER BIG PLAN to deal with the bat flu has involved lying about Trump’s vaccine plan, plagiarizing Trump’s vaccine plan, then hamstringing Trump’s vaccine plan with woke union politics, and finally, talking about masks a lot.

A lot.

Biden has already promised to mail masks to everyone in a country that’s already wearing them. I’m not a big fan of the COVID kabuki protocols and I own four of the damn things. Heck, I’ve got a more comfortable travel mask (with filters!) being delivered today. I’m not even sure they’re helping, but I’ll play along for a while.

I’m not saying that masks don’t work, I just don’t think they have the superpowers that Fauci and Co. tell us they do. Bryan had an interesting post yesterday about a different kind of mask that would actually be helpful. Sadly, the government doesn’t focus on things that work.

What the government is always good at, however, is wasting money while pretending to do good.

Tyler had a story yesterday that painfully illustrates that:

I do not often find myself admiring our betters in the legacy media, especially those at that most unscrupulous of Trump-hating and Andrew Cuomo-obsessed outlets, CNN. Yet on Wednesday, a CNN reporter asked the team of COVID-19 experts at the White House an extremely important question.

Why is the federal government wasting — oh, sorry, I meant “investing” — $83 million in distributing cloth masks to community health centers and food pantries when masks are already widely available? How does this make sense?

Jeffrey Zients, President Joe Biden’s White House coronavirus response coordinator, struggled to answer the question.

Before I get to the CNN question, a brief note on the policy.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, Zients announced that in March, the White House will “deliver millions of masks to food banks and community health centers around the country” as part of the administration’s push to “ensure an equitable response.”

I occasionally volunteer at a food bank near me and one thing that they haven’t been short of in the past year is masks. In fact, one of the four I have is a cloth one I got from them while helping out one day last summer.

The mask stuff is yet another case of the government spending a lot of money, just so the bureaucrats can appear to be doing something, even if that something isn’t the thing they probably should be doing. It’s always expensive. I’m sure that there a number of pandemic-related things that $83 million could be better spent on. Like food for food banks, for example.

Team Biden isn’t working any magic. Its biggest COVID progress has been because of the vaccine that Trump made happen while Biden and his ilk were not only saying it would be an impossible task, but shouldn’t be trusted were they able to come up with one that quickly.

Face it, kids, the commies got rid of the best president to deal with the pandemic.

What do you think?

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