The Morning Briefing: RIP America, the Mail-In Voter Fraud Fix Is In

Well, it’s Wednesday. I do hope you’re all having a good one so far, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing Friends.

It’s going to be a quick one this morning after yesterday’s festivities. I hope you all enjoyed the blanket election coverage that we here at PJ Media and the Townhall Media Mothership provided. I know we had a lot of fun.

We would have had more fun if there had been some sort of resolution to the election, of course. There isn’t because the Democrats worked overtime to make sure that it didn’t happen. The push for mail-in voting by the Left had one goal: to denigrate the established American presidential process.

Progressives are all about tearing down institutions in the United States, and introducing the potential for fraud in presidential elections is the cornerstone of their plan to render asunder the fabric of the Republic. When every election can be called into question and thrown to the courts, a power-hungry party doesn’t have to develop a sound strategy or run a viable candidate to win.

There was a time when an attempt was made to count all of the votes right away. The mail-in scam gives officials an excuse to punt that responsibility. So Election Day becomes election week and probably election month.

The longer the process goes on, the easier it is to introduce fraud into it. You will be told otherwise by “experts,” but this is true.

President Trump told supporters that he won the election. It’s comforting that he’s going to fight any ensuing mail-in ballot shenanigans.

Election Day ballots are easier to account for than those left up to the vagaries of the performance of the United States Postal Service. In a calmer, saner society that wouldn’t even be up for discussion. Now, we’re supposed to get comfortable with any lack of precision introduced into the system.

If one looks at the Electoral College map right now President Trump has won reelection. We’re being told, however, that his substantial leads in several states could be erased by ballots yet uncounted that are lingering en masse God knows where.

Are you feeling comfortable with the system yet?

As long as the election doesn’t have to end on, or even near, Election Day, the potential for nefarious manipulation exists. I am not stating unequivocally that’s what’s happening right now, I’m merely saying that it might be. A big “might.”

The interminably long campaign process, along with the mail-in and early-voting nonsense have watered down a once cherished right. Voting for the president of the United States is a right that should be treated with the utmost gratitude and respect.

Now people are just mailing it in.

What do you think?

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