The Obama-Era Police Reform That Biden Is Chomping at the Bit to Start

Joe Biden may be running for president under the Democratic Party, but anyone who thinks that they’re getting an original president with ideas of his own is sadly mistaken. Many question whether he’s even sane enough to run. Others question whether he’s capable of providing anything beyond what Obama did.

Biden has decided to put everyone’s worries to rest. What’s his plan for police reform? He’s just going to copy the Obama administration’s plan.

Well, there you have it. A vote for Biden is a vote for a man who will simply duplicate efforts as opposed to contributing anything new.

Taken straight from the White House website, “The Obama Administration believes that by encouraging parents to buy their young children realistic-looking toy (and we mean TOY!) guns, the future level of gun violence will decline over time.”

This should go over really well with the Democrats who want to not only get rid of guns but also reform police departments.

Biden was part of the Obama administration, and since Biden has already proven that he’s going to duplicate, these are his thoughts on the manner, too.

By Obama’s second term, there were multiple reports from the Justice Department regarding civil rights violations by police forces across the United States. This includes everything from guns being fired at “unarmed or fleeing suspects” to pistol whippings.

According to Eric Holder, the Atty. Gen. during the Obama administration, there were 380 specific reforms recommended, including protocols to respond to the mentally ill as well as new training on the use of force.

Sounds great. No one is suggesting that the police don’t need at least some kind of reform.

Some of the Obama-era consent decrees are still in place in cities across the U.S.

The problem is on Capitol Hill, where there are legislative packages clashing as to how to overall the 18,000 police departments that exist in the country.

If the Obama-era reforms had actually happened, there wouldn’t be such a clash. The issues would be taken care of, and issues like what happened in Minneapolis with George Floyd wouldn’t have happened. So, just as easily as Nancy Pelosi has tried to blame Floyd’s death on Republicans, Republicans could easily blame it on the Obama administration.

So, great. Biden is planning on just using what Obama rolled out as his basis for police reform. Because that worked out so well for the country already.

It should be interesting to see how Biden’s plan to revive pattern-or-practice investigations sits with voters, especially when so many Dems want more than reform – they want to abolish. His plan is to bring back “basic standards of decency and honorableness.”

With federal oversight of police departments. He’s planning on adding money into these programs, which is quite opposite of the defunding that so many Democrats are crying out for.

What worked for Obama for eight years is likely not going to work for Biden. The former Veep is forgetting that he is not Obama, he was simply a part of the Obama administration.

The world is a vastly different place than it was when Obama was president. If Biden is going to succeed, he has to come up with his own ideas. However, he continues to prove time and again that he doesn’t have any. He’s simply planning on borrowing from an administration that he was a part of.

What’s good is that Biden is taking a more Republican approach. Great – let’s add more money into the police departments and the oversight. It’s better for citizens all across the country to reform rather than abolish.

Meanwhile, that crime bill that Biden authored in 1994 is still coming back to bite him. The progressives blame him for mass incarcerating Black Americans.

Biden’s plan to copy Obama and refuse to give in to what the progressives really want could be the best thing for the country. Why? It ensures he won’t get the votes, keeping America from falling into the wrong hands.

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