The RNC Should Adopt The DNC’s Parade-Style Roll Call Vote

If Republicans weren’t planning on it already, they would be wise to adopt the Democratic Party’s method of officially declaring delegates to their elected nominee.

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up its second day Tuesday night formally nominating former Vice President Joe Biden as their 2020 presidential nominee. In the absence of an obnoxious crowd cheering from the floor of a large indoor stadium at each state’s dedication of delegates, Democrats at their virtual convention this year have been forced to get creative to try to captivate a prime-time audience and energize voters. So far, they haven’t done a good job.

But after two days of an endless infomercial trying to make a 77-year-old politician seem exciting, Democrats stumbled upon an effective method to make their online convention come to life: they taped party leaders formally pledging delegates from their own states and territories in front of signature landmarks showcasing the nation’s diverse landscape in an Olympic parade-style tribute.

Here’s a clip illustrating what the Democrats did:

As the novel Wuhan coronavirus panic keeps large crowds from gathering indoors less than 80 days until Nov. 3, Republicans will also be holding their convention next week virtually for the first time in the modern era. If Republicans were smart, they’d be taking notes on the Democrats, identifying what’s working and what isn’t.

While the Democrat convention thus far has mostly provided a series of dry performances to an awkward audience online seen clapping from their homes, Democrats’ experience has given Republicans a warning on short-notice to jazz up their virtual celebration.

What Democrats did offer, however, was an innovative way to showcase the beauty of the country as party leaders call in and pledge their votes for President Donald Trump with signature landmarks representing their states and territories in the backdrop. The practice could even prove effective enough to become a permanent fixture in political conventions.

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