The Science-Denying Woke War on Women and Girls Is Speeding Up

The war on men and boys has been underway for nearly two decades, and now the woke left is waging war on women and girls. The woke activists are determined to erase the lines that biology draws between men and women. There are decades of research documenting physical, biological, genetic, and biochemical differences between the sexes, and it is expected we ignore them in service of the concept of gender. Gender used to be a linguistic device to denote biological sex.

In several foreign languages, such as Spanish, the article for “the” has a feminine and masculine version. “La” and “el” are words that mean something. Perhaps the woke will cancel the Spanish language next. They have already tried with “Latinx,” which only 4% of Hispanic Americans prefer. Only 3% use it, and less than 25% are even aware of it. 61% of those polled prefer the term Hispanic, and 29% prefer Latino to describe the population. Yet, Latinx is pervasive in the corporate media and popular culture.

Similarly, the woke are forcing things women have never asked for in service to the near-zero portion of the population that are trans activists. According to The Times in the U.K.:

Midwives have been told to say “chestfeeding” instead of “breastfeeding” and to replace the term “mother” with “mother or birthing parent” as part of moves to be more trans-friendly.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is the first in the country to formally implement a gender inclusive language policy for its maternity services department, which will now be known as “perinatal services”.

Staff have been instructed that “breastmilk” should be replaced with the phrases “human milk”, “breast/chestmilk” or “milk from the feeding mother or parent”.

Women need and deserve healthcare providers who understand their unique physical and emotional needs, the challenges of motherhood, and the distinct physiological changes that occur to our bodies during pregnancy. Ignoring biological sex in medical treatment poses risks to trans individuals when assessing physical symptoms. No medical provider who agrees to “first do no harm” should be subverting physical health to a language preference or political ideology.

This woke ideology was embraced by the Biden administration on day one via executive order. Titled “Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation,” it opens the door for biological boys and men to compete with girls and women in sports, educational opportunities, and the boardroom. It also appears to require their admittance to women’s spaces like bathrooms, locker rooms, sororities, barracks, and even prisons.

How confident is the administration that their woke declaration is acceptable to Americans? Not very if Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s answer to a reporter is any indication. The reporter questioned whether the White House’s message to girls is they are now forced to compete against biological boys in high school sports. She responded:

“The president’s belief is that trans rights are human rights and that’s why he signed that executive order. In terms of the determinations by universities and colleges, I would certainly defer to them”

The reporter was explicitly asking about the administration’s guidelines for local school districts when scholarships could be on the line in high school and pointing to the potential for lawsuits. Psircle-Back Psaki™ didn’t even have the courage of the administration’s convictions to answer the question asked.

Now, Planned Parenthood is joining the war on women and girls. It is quite possible taxpayers are funding their new line of business, which is providing testosterone to girls 18 and younger depending on the state. In an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, said that Planned Parenthood claims that they are the second largest provider of transition services in the nation. Carlson shared a chilling quote from a former employee:

“Trans-identifying kids are cash cows, and they are kept on the hook…in terms of follow-up appointments, bloodwork, meetings, etc., whereas abortions are (hopefully) a one-and-done situation”

Abortion has fallen to the lowest level since Roe v Wade in 1973. To support their extensive infrastructure, Planned Parenthood is providing transition services in 201 of its clinics. It is often provided without a consultation with a doctor and without requiring a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Carlson asked Shrier what medical professionals know about the long-term effects of testosterone. Shrier responded:

” Well, some of them include infertility, vaginal and uterine atrophy, they are at risk of cardiac events. And of course, the great unknown which is that we’ve never done this to biological women for decades. And that is what we are doing now. So, we really don’t know all of the long-term effects.”

As an example, Washington state already gives children as young as 13 the right to consent for mental health, substance abuse, and withdrawal management. Their parents’ insurance must cover this treatment, but the services provided must remain confidential. This consent includes gender transition services even though some effects of testosterone are permanent for young women. Now they are trying to establish in-school clinics for children to access.

Too many stayed silent while the left waged war on boys, classifying perfectly normal behavior in little boys as toxic. It will only become apparent in decades to come how many young boys were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD at a young age and what prescriptions for Ritalin and other drugs did to their full development. It was suggested to me when one of my sons was in 4th grade, and I just laughed. Many parents didn’t, as our increasingly woke educators dubbed a young boy’s behavior as “problematic.”

As Shrier noted, we have no idea what the long-term consequences of administering testosterone to adolescent girls will do. As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and women, we must stand up for our girls and their right to continue to have equal opportunities to education, sports, career, and private spaces without competition from biological boys. Compassion does not require acquiescence, and to protect girls, we must loudly proclaim the unique, extraordinary, and essential role biological women play in society in a word gone mad.

Ponder a prescient passage from Douglas Murray in his book The Madness of Crowds and take up the courage to fight this particular madness:

“Every age before this one has performed or permitted acts that to us are morally stupefying. So, unless we have any reason to think we are more reasonable, morally better or wiser than any time in the past, it is reasonable to assume there will be some things we are presently doing – possibly while flushed with moral virtue – that our descendants will whistle through their teeth at and say, “What the hell were they thinking?”

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