Toothless Tiger! Harvey Weinstein’s Choppers are Falling Out and Prison Dentists Couldn’t Care Less

Harvey Weinstein’s morning ritual may soon be to wake up, take a shower, and brush his tooth.

It seems the disgraced movie mogul’s teeth are crumbling, and he is asking a judge to allow him to leave jail long enough to see a dentist. He claims he has cavities and the pain is such that he can’t even eat. He is hoping to score fake teeth or a bridge before his next trial on sex charges in Los Angeles.


GAP-O-RAMA! Prison dentists prefer to pull out Weinstein’s nasty teeth or let them continue to decay. Those are his current options. Either way, he wouldn’t get replacements.

“This situation is an emergency,” Weinstein pleaded to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench from his wheelchair. “I will pay for the dentist. It will be one trip and one trip only.”

Weinstein’s Lawyer, Mark Werksman, argued before the court that keeping Weinstein from receiving dental care would be a violation of his constitutional rights. He further stated that a chasmal gap in Weinstein’s teeth makes him look “ridiculous” and “like a caricature” — apparently, not a good look for a 70-year-old man who is going to court on rape charges.

Judge Lench responded by telling Weinstein that the issue is manpower, as sheriffs will have to leave their jobs to accompany him. She asked for a written request plan and will decide on it later.

Weinstein was convicted in 2020 of raping one woman and of forcible oral sex on another and was slammed with a 23-year sentence.

New York’s highest court granted Harvey Weinstein an appeal on those convictions.

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