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Video: Back the Blue Turns into Black and Blue Brawl in Denver

What started out as a great way to honor officers turned into an all-out brawl in Denver. This just shows that BLM and all of the other misfits want to have it their way – and only their way. So much for this whole thing of free speech and all.

On July 19, those who were pro-police wanted to hold a rally to show their support for those in blue. The event was to be held at the Civic Center Park in Denver. The #backtheblue event was supposed to be peaceful.

Rather than allow one event to be held, the anti-police protesters descended on the rally. It was clear that they knew what they were doing – they outnumbered the pro-police crowd tremendously and bullied their way into the venue.

The protesters had no plans to have a peaceful conversation. They didn’t care about the opinions of those who back the blue. Instead, they came in with whistles and clanging pots to drown out the pro-police rally.

The clash of the two groups quickly turned into chaos – and violence ensued. While law enforcement officers tried to separate the two groups, it was nearly impossible. The opposing sides were trying to defend themselves, with quite different views.

After an hour of trying to defend themselves, the pro-police demonstrators left. Why? They know when to leave, and how to leave in a peaceful manner. They weren’t looking to be problematic. They simply wanted to show their support for the police.

As they started to leave, so did the police.

Rather than following the example, the anti-police protesters did what they do best – be problematic. They followed the officers. They continued to talk and threaten. And pepper spray was used by at least one officer into the protesters. It’s a matter of self-defense.

The protesters have to learn that there are going to be repercussions to their acts. They want to show up everywhere and be disruptive. They have to learn that there is a time and a place. Instead, they want to bully their way into every rally and terrorize with their tactics.

Black Lives Matter has said on more than one occasion that they want to see real, legislative change. How do they expect to see change when the only thing their protesters are good at is bullying crowds of peaceful people?

Conversations need to be had. There needs to be back and forth dialogue of what needs to happen moving forward. However, the protesters continuously show that they don’t want to talk. They only want to harass. They only know how to be violent.

It’s not even a matter of he said/she said. There are videos to show how the BLM protesters took the first swing. They attacked the #backtheblue people on the stage. They sprayed aerosol string into those who were trying to support police officers.

The BLM protesters came with the intention of creating violence. Many of the BLM protesters had batons and other weapons. They wanted to beat the police backers into submission.

Their anarchist ways were met with people who were shocked, stunned, but ready to fight back to stand their ground. Those at the #backtheblue event didn’t plan for violence. They wanted to take a peaceful approach – something that BLM protesters know nothing about.

The police didn’t do much to help. We’ve reached a point where the police are afraid to act. They don’t know how much force they can use. They don’t know what side they should be on.

Law enforcement needs to get serious about getting rid of the anarchy. The BLM protesters have wreaked havoc on enough cities that we have to say enough is enough. More, the police need to be backed by government officials instead of being threatened that their funding will be cut.

BLM doesn’t want dialogue, they’ve made that clear. So, they need to be met with arrests, whether that involves force or not.

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