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VIDEO: Woman Screams in Cop’s Face Over Making Her Back Up While Rioting – She Didn’t See This Coming!

Law enforcement all around the country is under attack by left-wing wackos that seem to want to kill off every officer in the country. These ungrateful people have been fed the propaganda of the Democrats for so long that they have been brainwashed into believing every single officer is corrupt and tortures people in prison.

But the vast majority of officers are people out keeping the peace and keeping those that hate them safe from the real threats of freedom. There is nothing an officer would not do to save the life of another human being. Too bad the liberals cannot see beyond their won hatred to see the truth behind the badge.

Many protestors and rioters are continuing to challenge the police. President Trump has sent in federal agents to back up the police because of the level of violence being thrown at law enforcement.

The protestors and rioters have been empowered by the liberals to get in the faces of the police. What they are not being told is that the police will act lawfully to protect themselves so they can return home to their families as well.

One New York woman found out the hard way that the police mean business when they have to keep the peace. The police were ordered to clear the streets. And they have several ways to get the job done.

As they worked along the route, a woman decided that she was going to stay in place. She also got up in the face of an officer to make her point known that she is not going to move.

As the event unfolded she was going to find out the answer to her long-awaited question of what would happen if she came face to face with a peace officer. As the line of police moved forward she was asked to move along.

But in her stubborn acts of defiance, she yelled at the cop and comes into physical contact with him. During any other stop, this would be considered an assault on a police officer and she would be taken to jail.

She yelled in the cop’s face “Or f**king what?” It is at this moment that she begins to realize her life is about to change forever. She will not be reporting to work the next morning because the cop has now taken out the handcuffs and starts to arrest the stupid liberal.

The people she thought were her friends do not even attempt to help her out of the trouble she is in. Their freedom is more important to them than trying to help their ignorant hormonal friend.

The decision to arrest the crazy woman is exactly what needed to happen to her. It sends the clear message that the actions of Black Lives Matter and Antifa are no longer going to be tolerated.

The police formed a barrier around the woman to keep people from interfering. The cop that was yelled at answered that “She’s going.” It was at that moment that her friends retreat into the crowds and her sad song of screaming could be heard as she was hauled off to jail.

Liberals have no common sense. They think that they can do whatever they want to do without having to face the consequences. The crazy drunk lady believed she was special and that no one was going to take her away.

She had fallen for the lies of the liberals that claim that the police cannot touch anyone. Like a toddler throwing a tantrum, she will be punished to make sure she learns that she cannot act like an idiot in public again.

She will face charges of assaulting a police officer and surely a few others. Her time in jail will be a special time with the true criminals of New York City. Liberals act like dogs running the streets. There is no direction or purpose for their wanderings.

All they are out to do is create trouble and do illegal things. People that vote for President Trump are the ones that understand the truth behind these issues. And that is why he will have another four years as president.

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