Wait. Did Siri Really Call Kamala Harris President of the United States?

On Sunday night, Twitter users who own iPhones asked Apple’s digital assistant Siri about the age of the president of the United States. Siri did not respond with “President Donald Trump is 74 years old.” She did not even respond with “President-elect Joe Biden is 77 years old.” Instead, she brought up 56-year-old Kamala Harris, who is vice president-elect, according to preliminary and contested election results.

“Siri” started trending on Twitter as user after user shared the following back-and-forth.

“Hey, Siri, how old is the president?” the user asks.

“Kamala Harris was born 56 years ago, on Tuesday, October 20, 1964,” Siri responds.

“A lot of accounts on the far right are convinced something nefarious is afoot because of a glitch on iOS where if you ask Siri how old the President is, she answers with Harris’ age. Obviously the answer is that Kamala Harris is already secretly President,” journalist Hilary Sargent joked.

Some, like Robby Starbuck, asked Siri how “young” the president is — and he received the same result.

The conservative comedians Kevin and Keith Hodge, known as Hodgetwins, asked, “Has anybody checked in on [Joe Biden] since Siri started saying Kamala Harris was president? Y’all gave that man 24hrs before doing him that dirty?”

Apple fixed the problem Sunday night and Siri now correctly brings up Trump’s age when asked about how old the president is. Even so, that seems like a rather suspicious glitch…