WalkAway Women’s Townhall Event Showcases Trump’s Wide Appeal and Democrat Failures To Unite

Brandon Straka held a WalkAWay women’s town hall event Friday night at the foot of the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. The featured speakers included Katie Hopkins, Diamond and Silk, Shemeka Michelle, Marsha Blackburn, and Lara Trump. Lara had to appear via Zoom due to quarantine measures after President Trump and the first lady both tested positive for COVID-19.

PJ Media was on scene Friday evening to talk with some of the WalkAway proponents like Mikey Harlow and popular conservative transgender YouTuber and political commentator Blaire White. White has been a big proponent of children’s rights and a strong voice against child predators, even teaming up with Chris Hansen to catch predators online and expose them.

Mikey Harlow has been the target of much hatred and even violence as a gay Trump supporter. But his indefatigable attitude and courage to face the mob is a commendable trait. Harlow has been banned on Twitter three times for speaking out against Democrats. I’ve interviewed Harlow on my VIP podcast, The Fringe, about his struggle against social media censorship. His only social media presence now is Facebook where he shares his political opinions, dating struggles, and his love of cooking.

These young Trump supporters in the WalkAway movement deserve a lot of support and credit for their efforts to defend free speech in America. They are facing actual violence for speaking out and yet they continue to do it anyway.
WalkAway from hate

The main event was raucous and a lot of fun. Katie Hopkins was her usual bawdy self and spent most of the time making the crowd laugh while also encouraging Americans to defend their freedom. “I am here as a serious message because we are running out of time for freedom. The fight for freedom is really quite desperate,” she said. “I’m not allowed to fly my flag anymore because it’s seen as a racist symbol,” said Hopkins. “When truth becomes hate speech, speaking out becomes an arrestable offense.” She called on Americans to fight hard to retain their freedom. “I’m not allowed to own weapon in my country…and it’s because of that we don’t have a First Amendment.”

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Shemeka Michelle, a rising star, author, and black conservative commentator, defended femininity and women who love men. “I knew I always wanted to grow up and be a woman,” she said. “And I wanted to be the best woman I can be.” She expressed her confusion at the feminist message that women in America are oppressed. Michelle also spoke about her love of men and masculinity, repudiating the leftist narrative that masculinity is somehow a bad thing.

“If masculinity is toxic, then I want to be poisoned,” she said.

Michelle’s story is an interesting one. Her mother, a victim of rape, gave birth to her at the age of 15. Even with that difficult start, Michelle says her life is not defined by any oppression and the women in her family are strong examples of female empowerment that has nothing to do with leftist feminism.

Michelle is also very outspoken against the Black Lives Matter movement which she believes is dangerous to black men. “The only way that a straight black man is useful to Black Lives Matter is when he’s dead.”

Watch the video below to see all the speakers. The events continue on Saturday as WalkAway marches on Washington and gathers again for another rally in the afternoon.

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