WaPo Lib Adds Another Sports Team Name to the Chopping Block

The liberals of the Washington Post are good at sucking the joy right out of America’s favorite pastime. Now, not even baseball is safe from the cancel culture.

Is the name offensive? No. Yet, one writer manages to root around in enough history to rewrite it so that the Rangers should be on the chopping block.

Alright, libs. If you’re coming after baseball, we’re ready to play ball. The Texas Rangers is one of the most American teams out there. And the colors? Red, white, and blue. Chopping the Rangers is straight up like giving the ax to America, and baseball fans aren’t going to allow it to happen.

Karen Attiah may be the global opinions editor for the Washington Post, but the only thing she has proven is that she’s really good at whining about the “injustices” of the world. She tells a sob story about how she was raised on the “myth” of how Texas Rangers were wholesome and brave.


Then, she goes on about how she spent the last month reading about how they were cruel and racist. Well, Miss Attiah, how much research did you have to do? Oh, you don’t want to quote your sources on that? How incredibly convenient.

The Rangers, according to the liberal editor, has a history of oppressing black people. They also helped to “capture runaway slaves.” She may need a history lesson of her own.

Once upon a time, in the history of the United States, black people were not considered equals. The country has come a long way since then. And, it would have been the job of the Rangers to capture runaway slaves because, in the name, they ran away.

You can put a negative spin on anything in history if you look hard enough. Karen Attiah has decided that it’s best to say that the Rangers were “called on to protect white supremacy.” The best part is when she recommends the name change to something she finds more appropriate: Texas Klansmen.

Is this meant to be funny? The Texas Rangers were the brave men who protected the Texas frontier. They were not a white supremacy group. They were not a hate group. They were created in 1823 and have had a long history, investigating crimes ranging from political corruption to murder.

The Rangers, if Attiah knew her real history, were also known as the Texan Devils. But, calling them the Devils, too, would likely be an insult to who…Satan? We can never be too careful because the Libs seem to love to hate on anything that brings joy.

Miss Attiah may want to rally all of the liberals to get mad at the Texas Rangers, demanding that the team name goes. But, really, it’s not offensive. Even if the team name is borrowed on the idea of the Rangers, they have created their own identity.

Maybe she needs to be given a quick lesson on the Texas Rangers as they stand as a baseball team. Their colors are patriotic. Their logo is the shape of Texas.

Perhaps she finds something offensive with the shape of Texas, too? If the liberals work hard enough, they can probably get Texas to change its borders. After all, it’s not fair that Texas is so big while other states are so small. Let’s focus on equality, shall we?

As for the team, they’re not even listening. They’re not changing the name.

“While we may have originally taken our name from the law enforcement agency since 1971 the Texas Rangers Baseball Club has forged its own, independent identity.” There. The team has spoken.

Texans are strong. They’re not going to listen to the cries of a whining liberal who has probably never felt the joy of singing “Take me out to the ball game.” Or, maybe her anger toward the Major League Baseball team is that no one bought her Cracker Jacks as a child and this is her revenge.

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