[WATCH] Biden’s Border Chaos Creates a Massive Stimulus for the Cartels and Human Traffickers

A few days back I appeared on Newsmax TV with my friend Chris Salcedo. Julio Rivera, editorial director of ReactionaryTimes, was also on the segment. Salcedo asked us both for our thoughts on the border chaos Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are allowing to happen. The administration is fostering more illegal crossings — in the midst of a global pandemic Democrats have used to lockdown Americans — than any point in the past 20 years according to Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

In addition to that, Biden’s policy is enabling a huge, multi-billion dollar stimulus — to drug cartels and human traffickers. The cartels and traffickers are getting more than the $1400 you got, have no doubt about that. Biden’s policy is likely to further destabilize Mexico.

I explain in today’s C’Mon Now!

What do you think?

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