[WATCH] Freudian Slip: Chuck Schumer Says ‘Donald Trump Incited the Erection’

We know that Democrats have had very strong feelings for Donald Trump from the first day he took office, but we had no idea they would finally admit it out loud. On Friday, Chuck Schumer said out loud, in the world’s greatest deliberative body, “Senators will have to decide if Donald John Trump incited the erection.”

Um, ok.

Democrats who have had a Trump Derangement Syndrome erection for the last four years should definitely seek medical attention. They’ve been denied the care they need for far too long. I’m just happy that they’ve finally admitted it.

Democrats have to have their “conviction” ceremony in the Senate to finish their impeachment wet dream because this is the last chance they have to focus their passion on the object of their sick obsession. It’s unhealthy and they should get professional help.

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