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What a Joke…The Biden Children Vouch for Joe

As leaders of nations, states, or even local governments, we want to believe those we put in office will continuously rise above the standards of this world and act in our best interest and not their own. However, we also want to know that they are relatable, that they have interests that may be similar to ours.

For our elected officials, the family is one of the easiest ways this is proven. It makes a candidate or leader seem more human, more like the rest of us, and less like just a face giving orders. If they have a loving spouse or children who praise them, it provides us with the impression that they are deserving of our praise as well and that they can be trusted.

Then again, when those ever-praising children turn out to be a bit wayward or even criminal, that honor is relegated to nothing more than saying whatever they need to keep their family in power and money.

Such is the case with the children of Democratic, now-official, nominee, Joe Biden.

During this week’s Democratic National Convention, the Biden children were given a place and time to speak ever so lovingly about their father.

And they told us all just what we wanted to hear.

Ashley Biden began, telling the audience, “We want to tell you what kind of president our dad will be. He will be tough and honest. He’ll tell you the truth when you don’t want to hear it. He’ll never you let you down.” Hunter added, “He’ll never let you down, the strongest shoulder you can ever lean on.”

Ashley continued, “He’ll beam with pride every time you succeed. He’ll be the best friend; he’ll love you with all of his heart. And if you give him your cell phone number, he’s going to call it.”

They concluded, “How do we know? He’s been that way our whole lives. He’s been a great father. And we think he’ll be a great president.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? According to his children, he is everything a dad should be: tough, honest to a fault, and always there for you.

And those are all excellent traits to have as a leader too. We need someone who won’t back down, who tells it like it is – even if it will get him or those he loves in trouble – and is willing to do just about anything for those he has taken an oath for.

However, I’m not really sure Joe is the same man that his children are describing, at least not entirely.

They do have one thing right: he seems to always be there for them, never letting them down.

He was there for Hunter when he washed out of the Navy because he was caught using drugs, and not for the first time. He was there to help when Hunter was accused of having a child out of wedlock with a stripper and needed legal help. Daddy was there to cover for Hunter when it seemed his job responsibilities on a Ukrainian energy board were less than legal.

Biden was also there for Ashley when she was busted with pot while in college, for which she was never charged with anything. Joe was also there when she was “allegedly” attempted to obstruct a police officer, throwing beer bottles and making “intimidating statements. And again, years later, when she was caught snorting cocaine at a party.

Whether it was his “good” name or the fact that he bent over backward behind closed doors, neither of his children have ever seen any legal consequences or even convictions for their actions.

And about that honesty thing…

How honest do you think Biden is if he is always covering up for his kids? Remember, he actually had a prosecutor in Ukraine fired because there was a possibility that Hunter’s not-so-legal actions in the country might be brought to light.

How honest is it to take that same son to China with you “for business,” as the vice president of the United States no less, where you meet with and then arrange for him to be part of yet another not so upstanding looking “business endeavor?”

And this is the man who is supposed to hold the entire country and her actions accountable? I don’t think so. He can’t even keep his children in check.

Looks like this is just another attempt to make Biden seem like the man we need. But as it turns out, that man is already in the White House.

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