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White Mother Stands Idly by as Black Boyfriend Violently Kneels on the Neck of her Restrained and Screaming Baby

Unless you’ve dwelling under a rock, you and everyone else in the U.S. is all too familiar with the death of a black man caused by a police officer kneeling on his neck. The black man, of course, was George Floyd.

The incident immediately caused the phrase “I can’t breathe” to be echoed down every street in almost every city from coast to coast. Black Lives Matter, along with every other left-wing radical group in America, began marching, looting, and setting buildings ablaze.

Statues were violently ripped off their bases where they had stood for years, as police officers took the blame for every single act ever committed against black Americans, whether their actions were fully justified or not.

Kneeling on necks has long been employed as a police tactic to keep criminals in the process of being arrested from further resisting what could possibly develop into a more dangerous situation.

There has been much controversy over the death of Floyd as protestor’s question whether this method of restraint was in fact, necessary. Almost every liberal a person might ask will tell you it was not, while almost every conservative will say the accused officer was merely protecting himself.

Be this as it may, we can all certainly agree, the aftermath of violence following Floyd’s death was an overly extreme misguided response that continues to erupt.

Black Lives Matter, founded on the principles of Marxism, will not accept anything less than violence from their thousands upon thousands of new recruits who have little to no idea why they are doing what they are doing, nor do most of them even care to know. It’s just the cool thing to do.

But two lower than life forms recently pushed the envelope beyond what is considered acceptable behavior, even to the Hell’s demons from Black Lives Matter. It involves a black man in Ohio, his white girlfriend, and the girlfriends’ innocent white infant.

The couple took their protest to an entirely new level by releasing a photo. Not just any photo, mind you. It showed the black boyfriend kneeling on the neck of the screaming white infant while another individual inhumanly restrained the terrified baby’s arms behind its back.

The photo, released on Snapchat, was captioned, “Blm now mf.” The Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio is thoroughly investigating the matter, but as of yet no arrests have been made and zero charges have been filed.

In the words of Major Chris Clark, “We are looking into this case, however, it is still an active investigation. At this point, we are actively looking into it and we are VERY early on into this investigation.”

It would seem as though very little investigating would be required. The department has a picture of at least the black man doing the kneeling, and it would be hard to believe this sorry excuse for a human does not already have a mile-long rap sheet.

Ordinary civilized people do not endanger an infant’s life, no matter their cause. Only a hardened and soulless criminal would pull such a stunt.

It’s also difficult to fathom how the white mother of the infant could passively standby while allowing this heathenistic act to happen to her child. But she did.

What has not received even a single mention thus far is the welfare of the child. If this couple and an as of yet unidentified cohort are willing to terrify this infant child as he/she is restrained and gasping for breath, just how far will they go?

The cops in Clark County need to backburner any and all of their currently underway investigations and concentrate solely on rescuing the child before it’s too late to do so. They should be on this 24/7, but from all outward appearances, this is just another case. And they’ll deal with it when they can. “There are donuts in the break room!”

No further details on the crime, or any arrests, have been released as of this writing. But you can bet, we’ll be watching closely. So should you.

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